Ein neues Working-Paper in serbischer Sprache ist Online:

Vladimir Ivanović (2014): Od Hesena do Mediterana: ,,Gutbürgelich vom Feinsten”. Berlin: Forschungsprojekt „Repräsentationen des sozialistischen Jugoslawien im Umbruch“ (Working Papers 2, 5).


We are all fascinated by food. It is being discussed on everyday basis and on social networks. Facebook and Twitter profiles are full of pictures of delicious looking dishes. In anthropological terms the food is understood as an expression of national identity, as something that molds and perserves it as well as the language, national holidays and common heritage. The answer to the question “what is Yugoslav cuisine” is not an easy one. A German would probably give a straight answer to it. However, there was in fact no such thing as “Yugoslav cuisine” in ex-Yugoslavia. It was invented by Gastarbeiters (labour migrants), mostly in former FR Germany. The Yugoslav labour migrants` restaurants in the FR Germany, their migrant history, the emerge of the ,,yugoslav kitchen“, general framework and transnational connections make thorough the food  are in the focus of this article. These restaurants are represented not only in terms of consumerism, and diversification of German eating habits, but in terms of representation of Yugoslavia in the minds of local population and of labour migrants themselves. The research was conducted on life course interviews, oral history, press, visual sources and partly also on written documents. The aim of this article is to provide answers to how the Yugoslav cuisine came about, who created it, how the Yugoslav restaurants were opening and multiplying, what can be said about typical Yugoslav cuisine, diet, and dishes based on a menu in a Yugoslav restaurant. It also tries to explain a sharp decline of their number today and the present day representation of Yugoslav cuisine.

Ein die bisherige Forschungsarbeit zusammenfassender Artikel des Autors in deutscher Sprache wurde 2014 in der Zeitschrift Südosteuropäische Hefte veröffentlicht:

Vladimir Ivanović (2014): Die jugoslawischen Fabriken guten Geschmacks. In: Südosteuropäische Hefte 3 (1), S. 24–43.


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